A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As you enter your college years, you go to a university which has quite a history behind it. You discover that a team called the Infinity Brigade are the protectors of this university. Ever since you encountered the Brigade, your college life has become a lot more interesting. Maybe soon you'll be making bonds with your teammates soon as you go along...

Install instructions

Downloads are below. Only PC and Mac for now.


Ad_Infinitum-2.0-pc.zip 130 MB
Ad_Infinitum-2.0-mac.zip 113 MB


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It seems like the game cuts short. is this game supposed to be very short?

It's not finished yet.

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Dang that's pretty good! +1 bonus point for the addition of Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Does this VN have gay romance?


Eventually. I mean the MC's gender is dependent on whoever plays the game.


I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens...

You know what they say, hate the gays, get no pay, love the gays, life's a highway

P.S I'm 100% joking please don't DOX me


You ever wanted to play through a Saturday morning cartoon? This is surely something for you then. I've only gotten to the point in which I meet Logan but so far it feels exactly like a Saturday morning cartoon, which is certainly no insult! The soundtrack has this Sonic Unleashed feel which is, no matter your opinion of the game, pretty damn good! I enjoy this game a lot! There aren't many choices you make this far into the game unfortunately, but that adds to the cartoon part to it, which certainly is a double edge sword, it can give some serious segments less gravity on the reader, though I'm unsure if there will be any. The skipping of school, and the sped up travel through days give it even more of a Saturday morning cartoon vibe. It is certainly not a bad visual novel by any means, nothing like Minor/Major however, but hey! I'm sure this game won't delete my saves for no reason T-T. And the music actually works! Nice game, though some spelling errors are apparent, along with some grammatical errors. For sure a 4/5 in my book :D.